CLASS Fund Scholarship/Grants Program


  • Jim Hogan, ASLA
  • Keith French, ASLA
  • John Hourian, ASLA

CLASS Fund was established in 1980 by the Founding Members, comprised mostly by of representatives of the LA-AILA Southern California Chapter Joint Scholarship Action Committee.  Its primary mission continues to be to bring together landscape architects, contractors, and green industry suppliers through interaction, fellowship, and educational support for the future of our allied professions.

CLASS Fund in 2008 was granted a tax exempt status under the Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue code, CLASS Fund develops programs and events to support educational advancement by providing funds for scholarships at institutions offering undergraduate of graduate students enrolled in programs in landscape architecture and ornamental horticulture/irrigation science in California.  Also, scholarships are provided to institutions that are certified by the California Architects Board, Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC), in compliance with the California Code of Regulations which sets forth the requirements for approved extension "certificate programs."

The deserving students are determined by the respective departments for each individual institution. Each institution is directly responsible for the selection criteria, including but not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Evaluating student's financial needs
  • Determining student's potential success in the profession
  • Reviewing student's academia status
  • Assessing student's community involvement
  • Considering student's class and/or professional leadership capabilities

In 2014, to further advance the body of knowledge for the landscape industry, the CLASS Fund has entered into an agreement with CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture).  The mission of this agreement is to support scholarships and research among academic units in landscape architecture, horticulture and related fields, both in California and in other state,s provinces or jurisdictions in which CELA institutions are located.  CLASS Fund has a cooperative relationship with CELA involving the solicitation and review of research proposals related to the landscape industry.
Research / Program Grant

The CLASS Fund Research Award is made each year to support a research project related to landscape architecture, horticulture, or landscape contracting in the following areas: sustainability; water quality, conservation or use; air quality; climate adaption or global warming; community capacity building or development; urban land use; sustainable or alternative transportation; urban heat island or greenhouse gas emission impacts; social, cultural and environmental capital; performative landscapes; or green infrastructure. Special consideration may be given to proposals that tie to on-going or new research programs.

Total Funded Program

$31,5000         Total Amount of Scholarships

$30,000 Total Amount of Grants (LAF and CELA)

$61,500 TOTAL Budget

The CLASS Fund Selection Committee comprised of:

  • Charlene M. LeBleu, CELA Vice President for Research & Creative Scholarship
  • Katya Crawford, CELA, 1st Vice President
  • Bob Cardoza, FASLA Nuvis, CLASS Research Grant Chairperson
  • Marty McPhee, Park West, VP of Sales & Marketing, CLASS Fund Representative
  • Andy Bowden, California ASLA Trustee CLASS Fund Representatives
  • Pat Taylor, CELA Interim Executive Director (non-voting)


It is CLASS Fund's intent to provide these prestigious scholarships by recognizing promising students who are continuing their educational pursuits in the field of landscape architecture along with taking the opportunity to honor their outstanding accomplishments with financial assistance. 

© 2017 CLASS Fund is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.